Coco Divine! Best snack food for the on the go mother

During the summer, with the kids at home, it seems impossible to eat anything healthy - if you know what I mean. Meals consist of the what the children didn't eat at lunch, nibbling while cooking and scarfing down leftovers out of a Tupperwear while standing in front of an open fridge at 11PM.

With school starting, who wants to face the world of the Coco Mother in a larger pair of jeans? After all, active wear can only hide so what am I to do?

Live on snacks and lean protein!!

Some snacks I love to keep are best described as one hand wonders (think feeding two kids and trying to get dressed or driving a car!).

Please note... everything in moderation! These snacks will not help if you eat portions 2 x's the size of the palm of your hand..I'll list my amounts that I have per give you an idea.

Boursin Light Cheese and baby carrots.
About 2 oz of the cheese with a small bag of baby carrots...think lunchbox size.
Raw almonds lightly salted.
The rule for me is to eat the almonds in 2's and stop at 16!

Laughing Cow light wedges with Wasa Crisp'n Light crackers.
1 wedge to crackers.

Hummus with large rice cake (mini rice cakes work great too!)or whole grain pita triangles
around 2 tablespoons of hummus 2-4 mini rice cakes or 2 pita triangles,TopRight,0,0_AA280_SH20_.jpg

Orville Redenbacher Mini bag Smart Popcorn
1 bag is more than perfect

Now in a perfect world, I would eat like this everyday during my prime snack hours - 6:30 AM - 11:30 PM.

I would also love to say I never eat fast food either.. But honestly, when sitting in car pool line would you rather eat a Filet-O-Fat or a bag of microwave popcorn, popped fresh that afternoon, out of a ziplock bag washed down with a cold bottle of water?

To be fair to fast food, I do have a future post planned which covers some excellent choices for you (and others!) from fast food eateries. But in the meantime, take care of yourself and get start keeping some healthy mom snacks on hand!