Coco Divine - Back to School, Back to Fitness

Navigating in the unforgiving world of high profile suburbs is not easy... excersize is nice and as I found out quickly, mandatory. Besides the result of having a good figure, we have to go through the public announcements of our fitness regimen:

"Sorry, Barb, I am off the The Hills for tennis with my doubles group! Toodles!"

"I would love to chat, Gretchen, but you know Diane, Trudy and I are all in step class together at 9!"

And so it goes...

Regardless, school will be here in the next four to six weeks and here at Coco we will be embarking upon a month long, "Back to School Jumpstart" this August. And numero uno on our plan is getting in shape for first day of drop off and classroom visits.

Without looking like we are trying too hard, we still have to go the extra mile or suffer the consequences.

With a week to go, check out my reading list for fitness to get your motivated.

A favorite author of mine in the realm of fitness is Covert Bailey. Though retired, his voice on being Fit or Fat still rings in my head when I begin to back out of my run...

I love the original Fit or Fat book and live by Smart Exercise.

Yes, these are older... but there is no question of their worth.

The other book I love for motivation is also an older book... Eating Well for Optimum Health by Andrew Weil.

After all, at the time of the book's release... Weil still agreed with a little red wine!

Though some look to South Beach, Sugar Busters, and of course Atkin's diet for the answer, I am a big believer in lifestyle change rather than diet.

These books are a great place to start... maybe tennis next?